Silverdale Cyclery group mountain bike ride

We love to ride.  You should come pedal with us!


Tuesdays @ 7:45am: Silverdale Cyclery staff heads out for a mountain ride through Newberry Hill Heritage Park. Rides last about an hour, no rider left behind.
                @ 5:30pm:  Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance West Sound hosts a group ride on the Stottlemeyer/Port Gamble trails.  Various speed and ability groups, no one left behind.  Rain or shine, light or dark.  Meet at the Stottlemeyer Trailhead at 5:30!
               @ 5:30pm:  Road ride with team OMG Racing, known as the "Orangeman". Depart The Trails of Silverdale Shopping Plaza. If rain is forecast, ride is moved to Wednesdays. Follow the group on Facebook for current rides and updates.   

Thursdays @ 7:15pm:  Silverdale Cyclery staff heads out for an open group ride on the Gold Creek side of Green Mountain.  This ride will depend on trail closures due to logging, and will be alternatively launched from the Wildcat Trailhead off Holly Road.  Call the shop the day of to see where we're heading...

Saturdays @ 8am:  "David's Old Guy Ride" - We've heard rumors that you must have gray hair for this ride...but those are just rumors (all are welcome!).  Meet at the shop at 8am to launch into a 15-20 mile road ride through Central  Kitsap before returning to the shop around 10am so David can get to work.
               @ 10am:  Join OMG Racing for a fast pace Saturday road ride with varying ride routes. Learn advanced group ride techniques and drafting with this group. 

Summer Adhoc Rides:  More often than not during the summer, the shop staff works long and somewhat unpredictable hours.  This means a lot of times we run out of the shop at the end of the day and go full bore directly to a trailhead for some dirt therapy before heading home.  If you're itching for company on an evening/night ride on a weeknight - give the shop a call and see if our folks have something in the works - we love riding with our customers!


Banner Forest  -- South Kitsap Mtn trails.

Stottlemeyer/Port Gamble ---Acres of North Kitsap mountain trails.

Green Mountain --Challenging Central Kitsap mountain trails with amazing views.

Outdoor and Recreation Bike Map---Road routes all around Kitsap.

Newberry Heritage Park / Klahowya --Central Kitsap mtn trails close to town.

Capitol Forest --Epic trails in Olympia.

Olympic Discovery Trail--30+ miles of shared use path.  Great for family.

360 Park--Key Peninsula skills trails with jumps!