Buy where you ride Silverdale Cyclery


We all know that you can occasionally get killer prices on parts and accessories from online discounters.  It seems like there is always somebody with an internet store who is willing to sell parts for wholesale.  Its an amazing deal, so what's the harm?  Isn't the lowest price the ultimate goal?

Well, it depends on your perspective.  Local businesses are the heart of any community.  They are staffed by community members who work at the businesses.  They spend their money at other local stores, restaurants and businesses.  They pay taxes to support schools, build roads and pay for public projects like libraries and museums.  They support essential services like police and fire fighters.  They volunteer to build trails, create events, and work with local government for improvements.  

The American Independent Business Alliance, AMIBA, says that 48% of dollars spent at locally owned businesses keep circulating in the local economy, multiplying their purchasing power as the money filters out into the local economy.    Those dollars that stay local keep our Kitsap businesses and communities alive.  They keep Kitsap unique and vibrant.

In contrast, dollars spent at national chain stores keep around 13% of the dollars local.  Most of the benefit goes to their headquarters and shareholders, but at least some stays local.  

Dollars spent online contribute virtually nothing to the Kitsap economy.  All of the money flows to wherever the discounter is located, perhaps somewhere in Europe or Asia.  Once your dollars go out of Kitsap, they can no longer benefit the community.  What first seems like a bargain begins to look more like a raw deal if you consider the big picture.  

Sometimes prices are so cheap online that they drown out the argument for buying local.  We get that.  We're not immune either. However, most online and chain store prices are about the same as what local businesses offer.  We are also willing to match prices if we can.  We're not insulted if you ask.  Local business like Silverdale Cyclery offer convenience, seasoned advice and service.   Unless your online deal is irresistible, please consider making your purchases locally.  Trust us, we appreciate it a lot more than the internet does.

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