February 2018 Advocacy Update

It may be crummy weather outside, but efforts haven't slowed for creating more biking opportunities in Kitsap.

-WSCC is meeting frequently with Bremerton Public Works to improve biking conditions in the city.  Among other projects, they've come up with an affordable solution for getting bikers safely along Kitsap Way, all the way from Auto Center Way to down town.  They've also written up specific proposals for re-marking key Bremerton streets to make room for  bikes.  WSCC is currently working on safer bike routes on and off of the Bremerton ferry.  As the system works now, cyclists who are exiting the ferry and heading to work at PSNS have to cross in front of oncoming ferry traffic.  Cyclists who are entering the ferry terminal have to mix with car traffic, and there is little bike signage.  It is confusing.  When compared to how smoothly the bike system works at the Bainbridge ferry terminal, Bremerton's could certainly use better planning.  WSCC is happy to donate their planning efforts to WDOT, who own the ferry terminals.  If you know WDOT personnel who could work with WSCC to improve the terminal for bikes, please contact them.

-In CK, Kitsap County Public Works is making progress on the Silverdale Way improvement.  Watch for bike lanes and sidewalks coming this summer! 

- Bremerton city council has 3 new members.  Two of the new members will be on public works sub committee and Patricia Sullivan will join them to form the public works committee.  Please join us and give a warm welcome to council members Patricia Sullivan, Kevin Gorman and Michael Goodnow.

-The Non Motorized advisory committee recently completed the final touches on the county-wide bike routes map.  This will replace older, outdated maps and will serve as a guide for shoulder and path improvements in the future.  Ironically, Kitsap Public Works does not have funding to build any new bike facilities in the next funding cycle.  Their funding comes from gas taxes, and people are driving less.  Hopefully new funding sources will be available soon.

-For anyone interested in learning the latest mountain bike trail construction skills, Evergreen Mtn Bike Alliance is holding a workshop in March at Green Mountain.  Here are details:

Trail Building is a science - it takes education, skill, and technique to make great trails. Join us for a great day of learning and building!
Evergreen has been studying trail building for years and now we want to share it with you. Join us March 17th at Green Mountain for our first trail school of the year, it's free!

The day will start in the classroom from 9AM - 12PM at the Crosby Community Club 2135 Christopher Rd NW Seabeck, WA 98380 where Evergreen's head trail builder, Mike Westra will teach you everything you need to know to build high-quality mountain biking trails. After we break for lunch we will head out to our Green Mountain project to cut in a new trail and put your new skills to use!

* Register now, space is limited to 50 participants. Registration info here: 




There is an upcoming DNR focus group meeting for Tahuya and Green Mtn.  This is a great place to catch up on what's going on at Green Mounatain.  Here are details:

The next gathering of the Tahuya/Green Mtn. Focus Group Meeting will be Thursday, February 1st; 7:00 p.m. at the QFC in Belfair, located at the corner of North Shore RD. and Old Belfair Hwy. Belfair, WA.  Please bring any completed volunteer Trail Maintenance and Forest Watch forms.  

The agenda will include the following items: 

1.    Introductions
2.    Timber Sale Update
3.    Law Enforcement Update
4.    Tahuya/Green Mt. Trail Crew Update
5.    Capital Budget Update
6.    Volunteer Opportunities/Club Updates
7.    Questions/Comments/Wrap Up.  

Your feedback and comments are very important and serve as a valuable resource to the DNR as we move forward.  My hope and desire is that you all can attend this meeting.