August Advocacy Update

Hi All!!

How can anybody be working on bike advocacy while the weather is so fine and cycling is so good?  You'll be surprised.

The Forest and Bay Project in Port Gamble is nearing its deadline for raising $3.5 million by July 31 in order to buy 1650 acres of forest from Pope Resources.  As of July 30, they had raised $2.7 million and are hoping for last minute donations.  Forest and Bay has already purchased 1890 forest acres.  Plans for the Port Gamble forest  include a mountain bike destination ride park with downhill trails and a pump track.  Many thanks for all of the planning and labor that went into saving this forest for recreation instead of housing parcels.  

If you want to help preserve trails on Green Mountain, please  join the work party on August 6 at 9AM at either the Horse Camp of Wildcat Trailhead.  There is much work to do!

The Silverdale Traffic Implementation Study is ongoing.  There is a heavy emphasis on improving cycling and pedestrian conditions in Silverdale.  Some of the ideas being discussed for final consideration are making Randall Wy (in front of the YMCA) into a safer bike route,  adding additional intersections and possibly a pedestrian bridge.  There will be a public meeting to present ideas some time in August.  Stay tuned.

The Kitsap Citizen's Non Motorized Committee submitted 23 high priority road improvements to Public Works last month.  Final non motorized projects will be selected by Public Works and will move to the Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP) for construction over the next few years.  We will know which projects made the TIP by early Fall.   

Kitsap Public Works is scheduled to begin the first phase of improving Silverdale Way this week.  The improvements will include new, wide sidewalks, more traffic lanes and designated bike lanes. This first phase will take about a year to complete.  It will start at Byron and go north to Anderson Hill Rd.  It should fix a major pinch point for both cars and bikes coming into Silverdale.

CK Schools are doing a major improvement project at the CK campus.  We will see better shoulders and bike lanes along Anderson Hill Rd on school property.  There will also be a bike and pedestrian trail leading from the CK campus, along Dahl road and to the YMCA.  

WSCC held the first Dyes Inlet ride in late June.  It attracted 100 riders who rode the scenic route from Silverdale, around Tracyton to Bremerton and back along Shorewood Drive to Chico.  The ride was organized to help folks realize the potential for attracting recreational tourists to Central Kitsap roads, following Dyes Inlet's perimeter.  There is plenty of scenery for sure.  The next step is to improve road shoulders to make the route safer.  

WSCC is also working with Kitsap Transit to improve the design of the bike carriers on the new fast ferry.  WSCC advocacy news is available HERE.