May Advocacy Update

On the mountain side:


Lots going on in North Kitsap this month!  We're entering the final push for fundraising!  There's only a couple months left to save the land.  Make a tax-deductible donation by clicking the link above, or stop by the shop and contribute!  Of our goal of raising $2500 on behalf of our customers and fellow trail users, we have only $550 to go to save another acre!

Work on the Poulsbo Pump Track has kicked in to high gear as we near our May 31st completion goal.  As the weather continues to improve, Evergreen West Sound has been able to make some great strides forward.  Be sure to join the effort - there are several opportunities this month to get out there and work!  Check out the Poulsbo Pump Track Facebook page here.

Green Mountain's final DNR Focus Group Meeting for the summer will occur this Thursday.  Unfortunately, the NOVA grant request we told you about in December didn't score well on the state budget, but non-motorized trail surveys continue moving forward so that once money becomes available, we'll be ready to roll on construction.  This has been a really rough winter for Green, and a lot of work needs to be done to get the trails back up to spec.  Be sure to keep an eye out for work party opportunities on Evergreen West Sound's Facebook page or on KAOS's calendar.


On the road side:

Lots of energy going toward more and better biking in Kitsap right now. 

Last week,  Kitsap Public Works hosted an open house to get ideas about how to improve transportation in Silverdale.  They're currently doing a traffic study to determine peak use times, destinations and most heavily used roads.  Not surprisingly, only .7% ( 7/10 of 1 percent) of transportation is by bicycle.  Public transit is about the same, and walking is slightly higher.  The vast majority of traffic is SOV (single occupancy vehicle).  Everybody know that Silverdale is already crowded and lots more growth is coming.  How can we all fit?  Stay tuned for the next open house, scheduled in June, where some solutions will be presented.  One highlight of last weeks open house was that most of the attendees were bike advocates, so Public Works got plenty of input and ideas.

Also last week was the Bremerton Public Works quarterly meeting with WSCC (West Sound Cycling Club).  The club has meticulously  drawn up schemes for making several streets in Bremerton more bike friendly.  The idea is to present inexpensive solutions which use mainly paint instead of major projects involving extensive engineering and construction.  One of the most important projects  is marking safe shoulders and intersections on Kitsap Way.  Anybody who's ridden there knows that it isn't currently safe.   WSCC came up with some practical solutions, which were well  received by Public Works, and some changes on Kitsap Way are due this summer.   

If you have an idea for a road improvement in unincorporated Kitsap, now is the time to submit it HERE.  The idea will go into Kitsap County's TIP program for consideration.  This is an important way for the county to find out what needs to be fixed, so don't be shy!

Save June 25 on your calendar this year.  That's the Dyes Inlet Loop Ride HERE.  Its a chance to ride the scenic route around Dyes Inlet with many of the roads closed to cars.  As you ride, you can imagine the route being a permanent attraction for Kitsap after the addition of wider shoulders.