January Advocacy Updates - Road and Mountain

Plenty of things bubbling away right now.  Here's a short list of projects in the works.

After an inadequate, localized study of transportation problems in Gorst, the issue has become part up of a comprehensive study of Hwy 3, between Bremerton and Gig Harbor.  WSDOT has to exhaust all possible inexpensive options for fixing Gorst before a major overhaul can be considered.  Anyone who has ridden a bike around Gorst knows that conditions are less than ideal (understatement).   A fix will certainly be a major project and won't be cheap.   Stay tuned for updates of what's being considered.  

On January 17, Kitsap Public Works will host a forum for public input about a 3.5 mile trail concept between Kitsap Lake and Jarstad Park in Gorst.  This would be a wide, paved, multi use trail through the woods, open to all non motorized users.  The meeting will probably take place at the dance hall on W. Belfair Hwy, but check in advance to be sure.  This is a chance to discuss and give support for a great resource in CK.

In late January the WSCC Advocacy group will present the results of a study of bike routes to City of Bremerton.  The study picks the most usable bike routes in the city, and proposes inexpensive improvements to make conditions safer.  Most suggested fixes involve paint and signs.  Reception from Bremerton has been enthusiastic so far.

A Kitsap County hosted study continues for a Sound to Olympics paved trail in Port Gamble.  Expect a forum for public input in the next few months.  

Kitsap Bikes Everywhere is planning a big splash for Bike to Work Day, Bike to School Day and Bike Everywhere Month in May.  This will be  a great way to create some enthusiasm around leaving the car in the garage for a while.  We will post details as soon as they are available.

On the mountain bike side…there is still a DIRE NEED for support of the Port Gamble trails.  As of 31 December, the donation match campaign has ended - but there’s still a long way to go!

Pulled from Forterra’s Port Gamble campaign page:

“The 3,000 acre Port Gamble Forest, only a nine minute-bike ride from the Kingston ferry, is a community treasure and cultural resource for the entire Puget Sound region. The Port Gamble Forest’s enormous size and proximity to surrounding metropolitan areas makes it an ideal year-round recreation destination.

  • Currently hosting over 60 miles of public use trails, the Forest is a place where over 20,000 hikers, bird watchers, mountain bikers, equestrians, cyclists and runners all recreate.
  • A 200-acre mountain bike park with riding loops and skill obstacles will provide opportunities for families to enjoy healthy outdoor recreation together.
  • The Sound to Olympics Trail, a shared-use trail that crosses Kitsap County and connects to the Olympic Discovery Trail and Cross State Trail, will run through the property, accommodating cyclists, runners, equestrians and people of all ages and abilities.”

If that sounds like a place you’d like to hang out and take a ride - think about making a donation in support of keeping the area open and clear of development!

Also on the mountain bike side - volunteer hours are needed for projects on Green Mountain!  There will be a series of regular work parties to be hosted all throughout the Green Mountain Forest in the next several weeks…grab a shovel and come on out!  Trails are more fun to ride when you’ve worked on improving them!  Check out the KAOS page, our shop Facebook page, and Evergreen West Sound’s page for dates and opportunities to participate!