Green Mountain DNR NOVA Grant Support Needed ASAP!!

Hello fellow cyclists and trail users!!!

Our local DNR has submitted for a handful of grants going forward into the next year.  DNR needs your help, and this is your chance to have your voice be heard and ensure DNR's funding for maintenance and operations on Green Mountain continues without interruption!

Here are the proposals:

16-2433:  Tahuya/Green Mountain Trail and Facility Maintenance and Operations (This project will maintain 185 miles of trail along with maintaining the facilities and campgrounds.  THIS IS OUR LOCAL DNR'S MAIN OPERATING BUDGET!)

16-2472:  Tahuya 4x4 Trail Maintenance and Operations (This project will maintain 15 miles of 4x4 trail along with associated trailheads.  This project will also fund a position for an additional Equipment Operator)

16-2474:  Hood Canal District Non-Highway Road Maintenance and Operations (This project will maintain facilities and campgrounds in the West Block of Tahuya, Green Mountain Vista, and two campgrounds in the Hood Canal State Forest.  This project will fund a position for an additional crew member)

16-2473:  Tahuya/Green Mountain Education and Enforcement (This project will provide Education and Enforcement duties for all the Tahuya and Green Mountain State Forests.  This includes supporting events, trail inventory, and sign implementation.  This project funds on Trail Steward.)

16-2475:  Green Mountain State Forest Non-Motorized Trail Development (This project will add and additional 4 miles of non-motorized trail on Green Mountain and provide much needed improvement on existing trails.)

Obviously, as avid trail users, we are in extreme support of Proposal 16-2475.  That said, the shop sees no reason not to support ALL grants proposed by our local DNR manager, as all the money goes to local operations.  Even the monies used to maintain ORV trails in Tahuya work well for cyclist and hikers, as viable trails help alleviate traffic on heavy usage trails (such as Wildcat) at Green Mountain.

Get your letter writing gear together and write a letter of support for these grants!!!  You can submit them to us here at the shop at (where we'll compile them all and submit directly to our local DNR reps), or skip the middle man and send them to the DNR Recreation and Conservation Office at  Please CC Jesse Sims (our local DNR manager) at  If snail mail is more your style, forward correspondence to Recreation and Conservation Office, P.O. Box 40917, Olympia, WA  98504-0917.