November Advocacy Update

There are lots of positive changes coming for biking in Kitsap.  There is a nation-wide trend toward making cities better for non motorized transportation.  Biking/walking trails improve safety, health and even property value.  Its hard to argue against them.  Kitsap is late in the game, but we're getting there.  Kitsap’s non motorized plan can be found here.

West Sound Cycling Club has established an Active Transportation committee.  They are working with City of Bremerton to do a wide range of improvements over the next year.   Stay tuned for details, or contact WSCC.

Kitsap County is looking at how to create a new community campus in the heart of Silverdale.  There is serious discussion about building multi modal trails connecting the high school to the YMCA/ campus then to the new library.  Safe riding and walking in Silverdale!

The county is also planning to start the first phase of improving the south part Silverdale Way with sidewalks and a bike lane some time next year.  Look for work to start in 2017.

Kingston, like Silverdale is also in unincorporated Kitsap.  Kingston has a Complete Streets Plan with a new car route to the ferry, bike lanes and wide sidewalks.   There are also bike shoulder improvements coming on Miller Bay road.

Highway 305 between Poulsbo and Bainbridge has a $38 million budget for improvements.  Take the survey and let them know your opinion about safer bike conditions.

Washington DOT is looking at how to improve traffic in Gorst!  They are conducting a study now.  A safer non motorized route is high on their agenda.  Stay tuned for more details.

Kitsap Forest and Bay Project is trying to buy 3000 acres in Port Gamble to preserve it for biking and walking. 

This is a partnership between Forterra, Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance , North Kitsap Trails Assn, Kitsap Audubon and Great Peninsula Conservancy.  They’re soooo close to raising the $3.5 million that Pope Resources is asking.