Newberry Heritage Park

Newberry Heritage is a densely-trailed off-road wonderland right in Central Kitsap's backyard!  Whether you're hitting the trails on a mountain bike, cross bike, or by foot - there's plenty to be had with varying degrees of difficulty, ranging from Novice to Intermediate.  

The park borders Newberry Hill Road and Seabeck-Holly, covering just over 1000 acres with 13 miles of trail wrapping around Klahowya High School.  Being only minutes from the shop, Newberry is one of our favorite riding spots when we're looking to break out for a quick aerobic spin!

There is parking along the school access road at the north end of the park, while on weekends users can also utilize the school parking lot to quickly access the south end of the park via the KSS trail.  The north end of the park is characterized by tight, twisting singletrack with some screaming downhills and steep climbs.  The soil tends to be very grippy, but keep an eye out for super-rooty sections, especially when wet.  

The south end has some wider smooth doubletrack trails with rolling hills, perfect for beginner riders.  There are a trio of loops on the southern side, however, that most would consider intermediate - Ricochet, Gear Jammer, and Strange Days.  These trails are extremely rooty and/or rocky, with tight trail tolerances and sharp switchbacks.  That said, they're a total blast to ride - and the loops are short, so you're not completely taxed out at the end.

Here in the shop, we have a couple regular routes we enjoy riding - but most recently our default shop ride has been as follows:

Park on the access road before the yellow gate.  Head south along the road and drop in on the trail to the left by the fenced county maintenance area.  Just about 150 yards in, take another left onto Deer Fern Trail.  Deer Fern will drop you fast and hard for a ways - be mindful to avoiding skidding into corners, and try to avoid the trees!  At the end of Deer Fern, you'll hit Old Loop Road, which runs a ring around the southern portion of the park.  Hang a left on Old Loop and then drop in at the first right-hand turn onto Bird Meadow.  Follow Bird Meadow, hang a right and you'll drop in on Wildlife.  Wildlife will terminate at Old Loop Road, and right across the fire road you'll see the trailhead for Ricochet.  Gear Jammer and Strange Days are west down the fire road (i.e. to your right).  We'll generally ride down to Strange Days, and work our way back hitting each loop on the way back.  

Heading out from the trail is the same, except instead of riding back up Deer Fern, we'll stay on Old Loop Road and continue down to KSS Trail.  Hang a right on KSS and follow it up.  At the top you'll find yourself on the back side of Klahowya High School.  Follow the access road around the corner back to your vehicle!

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