KAOS Launching To Bring Together Individuals and Advocacy Groups


Kitsap Adventure outdoor sports (kaos) is here to bring us together...

KAOS intends to be a one-stop shop for all outdoor sports in the greater Kitsap Peninsula region.  It is meant to facilitate cooperation between multiple user groups (cycling, running, equestrian, hiking, etc) to bring about real, definitive, and sustainable improvements to non-motorized outdoor sport access for all individuals.

The goal is to facilitate communication to allow non-motorized user and advocacy groups to cooperate on mutually-beneficial programs and grant requests - and for all participants to realize the true strength in our numbers!

Some lovely byproducts of this cooperation will be a joint outdoor calendar for the greater Kitsap Peninsula region and cross-discipline exposure.  The calendar will allow individuals to hit one central location instead of scouring dozens of websites and Facebook pages to see what's going on each weekend, as well as provide the ability for event planners to deconflict dates to alleviate calendar saturation...i.e. get more people at each event. Cross-discipline exposure will allow folks interested in trying out additional sports to have direct and immediate access to clubs and advocacy groups that can get them started on the right track!  

While the KAOS website and Facebook page are currently live - there's a lot of work that must be done to get them fully operational.  By the end of January, the KAOS website will be chock full o' information - to include events (races, work parties, meetings), club contacts, local trail maps, and really anything else people would like to see on there (suggestions are welcome).

If you're an outdoor enthusiast - your circle of friends is about to get a lot bigger!

To get in touch with KAOS - hit them on Facebook, visit the website, or drop a line to info@kitsapkaos.com!